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     ACK or Nantucket, an island located 30 miles off Cape Cod, Massachusetts is nicknamed

"The Grey Lady" because of the fog that often rolls in from the ocean. The island is 14 miles long by 3-5 miles wide. You won't find any bridges or tunnels connecting to the mainland. There are no traffic lights, just narrow streets, stop signs and rotaries! The fastest speed limit is 45 mph. Cobblestones line Main Street and other surrounding streets. 

          Nantucket is very scenic More than 40% of the the island is forever undeveloped and because of that there are many iconic views including rolling hills, ponds, beaches, birds, sailboats, motorboats and ferry boats,

three iconic lighthouses and many historic buildings, most with weathered grey cedar shingling...

ACK = Nantucket

Live Webcam of Nantucket Harbor!

What is ACK?

     ACK is the 3 letter FAA code for the Nantucket Airport, just like CHS is for Charleston or SFO is for San Francisco…ACK has become a shorthand reference to Nantucket. In 1992, a group called Save Our Sankaty began selling Eurostyle bumper stickers that read "ACK" in hopes of saving the Sankaty Head lighthouse from falling into the ocean. Since then, ACK has become popular to use and the lighthouse was saved.

        These images create the backdrop of many works of art including illustrations by D. Sharpe, Artist in Residence of the 
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