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Gallery Directory 

      The Boathouse - Start here to see the current show June 1 - September 7.

      Map Room - Lost? Need directions? Look in here for maps and signs pointing you in the right direction.

      Lantern Room - Nantucket has 3 beautiful and amazing lighthouses at Brant Point, Sankaty Head and Great Point.

      Main Hallway - Travel Posters inspired by similar posters created in the 1920s and 30s. 

       Upper Lobby Balcony - Seasonal Posters from the Festival of Wreaths and the New Year's Eve Ball at the Nantucket Hotel. 

       Rotunda - The best place for an open house! Do you want your house "portrait" done? You can contact D. Sharpe to draw your house, on island or in America.

       Cupola/Roof Walk - The best views around the island. 

      The Attic - Old art that has been rediscovered!

Chuck waves goodbye for now
Steamer Nobska at Dock
Steamer Wharf Sign
Starry Night at Great Point Light
Elephant Company marches up Main St.
A House in 'Sconset Village
Elephant Company Marches off the Boa
Christmas Stroll Fairs Map, 2017
Summer Street Church
Have A Brant Point Christmas!
New Years Eve Ball 2017 Poster
The Best Way to Get to Great Point?
Luv ACK, 2019
Chuck's Ginger Bread House
Hi Y'all! My Name is Cooper!
South Carolina Fishing Shack
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