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S.S. Nobska - Salon Deck

       A tribute to the last coastal steamer, the S.S. Nobska, her sister ships, other steamships of days gone by and current ferries that sail the waters of Nantucket Sound...

New England Steamship Company

great white fleet launching dates:


built 1923

        Renamed Martha's Vineyard in 1928. Sank in East Boston in 1990, not far from where the Nobska would end up 6 years later...


Built in 1925

Renamed Nantucket in 1928. changed back to Nobska in 1956

Scrapped in 2006

New Bedford

built in 1928

Taken over by US Navy in 1942

Scrapped near Staten Island, NY?


Built in 1929

Taken over by US Navy in 1942

renamed John A. Meseck in 1946

scrapped in 1974

Previous Deck

Suggested websites and other information ​about the S.S. Nobska:

The Vineyard Gazette

The Island Steamers

by Paul Morris and Joseph Morin

1977, Nantucket Nautical Publishers

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